York Street Yards regular business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Keys & Key Cards
Tenants may utilize their keys and key cards to access the building after-hours, on weekends and holidays.

Key and Lock Policy
To maintain the integrity of the building's security system, keys and other locksmith services must be coordinated through the Property Management Office. All requests must be submitted via the Tenant Center by an authorized tenant representative.

Hand held deliveries or those with small carts may be made directly to tenant suites through common walkways and hallway. Larger deliveries must be made through the loading docks, all of which are shared.

Suite Access/Tenant Lockout
For the safety and security of your suite and employees, Property Management and Security are not permitted to grant admittance to your suite in the event of a lockout, lost or forgotten keys, unless written authorization is received by the signor on the lease, an officer of the company, or the authorized person(s) provide by you on the Authorized Individuals/Tenant Contact sheet. Lockouts after hours should be handled by your staff.

Installations, Work in the Common Area, Construction Noise and Infrastructure Access

If you have an installation scheduled or need access to building infrastructure such as fire systems, fire alarm panels, electric rooms, janitorial closets, network rooms, you will need to contact the management office for approval and an appointment time so a building engineer can be present.

Same procedures apply for large deliveries, crane access, or any activity that would take place outside of your exclusively leased space or be loud enough to be heard outside of your space.