Building Policies

Move In/Out Policies

The following moving procedures apply to all moves in and out of York Street Yards:

  1. All Moves must be scheduled in advance with Property Management. The Tenant must provide a full schedule of all move activities, including the initial move/delivery and subsequent deliveries.
  2. Items in the common areas, parking lot, and walkways is not permitted. Any materials left behind may result in charges assessed for removal of such materials.
  3. Upon completion of the move, Property Management will complete a post-move walkthrough.

Rental Remittances
All rental remittances are due on the 1st of every month. Management sends monthly invoices as a courtesy reminder; however, regardless of when such reminders are received, rent is due on the 1st per the terms of your Lease. Late fees will be applicable in accordance with your Lease provisions.

Below please find guidelines on how to submit rent every month:

  • Electronic forms of payment are preferred (Wire, Direct Deposit, or ACH). Please contact the Management Office for electronic payment instructions.
  • If you must pay by check, please make checks payable to Steele Street Buildings, LLC and mail your check directly to the following lockbox address (please refrain from dropping off checks): Steele Street Buildings, LLC, PO Box 913321, Denver, CO 80291 Payment in electronic or check forms must arrive in the account or lockbox by the rent due date.
  • Please include the lease identification number with your payment. This can be found on your monthly invoice.