To ensure the safety of our tenants and proper use of our parking lot, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All tenants are asked to park their vehicles in front of their respective suites.
  • In some areas where there are retail tenants, we ask that you consider leaving prime parking spaces for customers.
  • All vehicles must be parked in only one space per vehicle.
  • Overnight parking is not permitted at the Property, unless the vehicle is a work vehicle registered with the Management Office. Vehicles not registered with the Management Office are subject to removal at the vehicle owner’s expense if parked at the property overnight.
  • Do not park in fire lanes, loading zones, handicap spaces, or other spaces without appropriate permissions. Unauthorized vehicles parked in these areas are subject to towing.
  • Trailers, unregistered, expired, or inoperable vehicles are not permitted in the parking area. Such unauthorized vehicles are subject to towing.
  • Please observe all directional, speed limit, and stop signs throughout the parking area.
  • Parking in front of a loading dock is prohibited. Loading docks are for short term parking while loading and unloading only and vehicles may not be left unattended.
  • Please ask your guests to follow parking guidelines.
  • Remember to always lock your vehicle and remove any valuables including cellular phones.
  • Contact Property Management or Security if you observe any hazards or suspicious activity in the parking areas.